Warning: This is a post of randoms

Wow!  These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind!  Hence the quiet blog.

This last week I was given a job, so I am now working as a nanny for a wonderful Christian family with three young children.  What a blessing it has been to have such a wonderful job and to be working for such amazing people!  It even works with my extremely busy schedule surprisingly well!  I can't help but give God the credit for orchestrating this for me!  He never ceases to amaze me! 

God is so incredibly good to me, and He provides plenty of reminders all throughout my life!  Why is it then that when He does something for me so out of the ordinary, unexpected, and huge that I act shocked?  Why do I feel overwhelmed by His goodness, as if He just decided to give me a break today.  There is so much love poured into the design of every single detail of our lives, and so many times I fail to notice until He does something spectacular (like this job) and catches my attention.

So, lately, I've been paying special attention to the small things that God has so lovingly blessed me with.  I feel His goodness in a breath of crisp, autumn air.  I see His beauty in the intricately formed pedals of a flower.  I hear His praises in the songs the birds sing.  I taste His creativity in a bite of an apple.  Wow!  He really is everwhere filling the world with His brilliancy!  And I am so blessed to be surrounded by His wonderful creation!

This last Thursday was my little brother, Daniel's birthday, and after all the short nights trying to get everything done, it was bound to be an entertaining day due to my non-brilliancy.  When I am low on sleep, I can't even count apparently.  He was turning eleven, and I put twelve candles on his cake . . . one of them I even placed upside down.  Who does this?  What an elementary mistake!  I played it off saying, "Due to your maturity level, I have given you an extra candle, and it's especially a privilege to have an upside down candle. . . ."  At least I saved my parents some money by relieving them of the necessity to hire a clown.

The other day my mom found a pack of graham crackers in the cabinet with the dishes. . . . I was immediately blamed by my brother for storing them in such an odd spot, and I was quick to accept the blame, because that just sounds like me!  Two days later, the graham crackers were found in the fridge.  Yep, I probably did that too.  What's my problem with graham crackers, and am I the only person that does stuff like this? 

I'm now on my way out of town to go to a conference at MorningStar Ministries.  It always feels like a family reunion, even though people from all over the world are there.  So incredibly excited to get there!


Happy Pilgrimming!

With love,



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