Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Desperation: It's what I want most!

Dear friends, 

What do you think our lives would look like if we lived in complete and total desperation for the Lord? What if the biggest question we had was, "Jesus, how can I serve in every detail of my day today?"  Just imagine it for a moment for me...for living like this is one of the greatest desires of my heart! 

So what is desperation...

Desperation: Is when you can't seem to spend enough time recklessly pursuing a rise from despair.  It's being obsessed with doing anything to get what you want or need.  That's the dictionary definition...but practically it can be as simple as just not getting enough of reading the letter from the Love of your life!  I pray that God may fill me with this desire...that the more I learn about Him the more I hunger to know!...And that the more time I spend with Him, the more I yearn to never leave our time alone together. This is desperation...and that is what I want to have most!

What kind of behavior do I think this kind of desperation may inspire?  Here's what the desire of my heart would look like....When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I want to think about is Jesus!  And the last thing I want to think about before I fall asleep is Jesus! I want to constantly have Him on my mind as I go throughout my day, thinking my prayers to Him, and listening to His still, small voice. I want to serve Him in everything that I do from saying what He would have me say to the people I encounter, to keeping a clean and clutter free home to have guests feel welcomed into. 

My friends, I want to challenge you to  make it goal this year of 2016 to ask this one simple question every morning: "Lord, what do you have for me to do today?"  Ask Him for a mission, ask Him to speak to you and lead you throughout your day.  Step outside of that comfort zone we've grown far too comfortable in and just do it! Even if it seems crazy!

My friends, I am beyond excited to see what God is going to do in my life!  May He move in incredible and miraculous ways in yours too!

Happy pilgrimming!


Sunday, January 24, 2016

My word for 2016: TRUST

Dear friends,

Here are some reflections I've been having...

Lately, I've really been dwelling on Proverbs 3:5-6...ever since one of my superiors at work came and told me he was thinking of it for me.  He vaguely knew I was going through a struggle that I didn't really understand and he felt impressed to tell me he was praying.  You probably know which one it is, but it says, "Trust in the Lord, with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths."  I don't know about you, but for me it was always one of those verses that you memorize at a very young age, you see written, posted, painted everywhere, and heard so often that you're starting to wonder if it's being overused, abused, and taken out of context.  Because of all of that, I don't think I've ever sat down and just thought about that verse, as powerful as it is, and what it could mean...especially what it would look like to apply to my life.  I tell you what!  It shook me and was exactly what I had needed to hear!  (Side note:  So thankful to have a boss that really tunes into the leading of the Holy Spirit)

So, ironically, one of the biggest words for me to grow in the year of 2016 is TRUST....Coincidence?  I should like to think that it's providence instead.  Considering this verse had so much to do with that one word, I really delved into it....Since I'd never truly reflected on it, I thought I'd jot down a few of my thoughts...and then I decided to share because I never know who might be going through a similar struggle and could stumble across my little blog and be blessed.... 


Trusting when you don't fully understand can be so hard. Especially, if you're anything like me with a desire for an explanation in everything. I'm realizing, I can't understand all things...I'm not capable. That being said, it doesn't always have to make sense for it to be the right thing to do. I have to choose to TRUST that His way is so much better.  Often times, trust, (at least the kind that He desires for us to have) means giving up our own passions, our own purpose, and our own plan in order for us to experience His passions, His purpose, and His plan for us.  It hurts to kill those desires, but it is necessary to experience Him.  Sometimes, He ends up giving our own wants and agendas right back to us, because He placed them there to begin with.  But He gives them back blessed, for we chose to surrender to Him! 

God's ways can be so confusing to my little human brain, but if I know anything about God, He is good!  So incredibly good...and kind....and patient...and just...(and I could totally turn that into another blog post in the future) The more we trust that His way is better and submit to that, the more blessing there is in our life.  Trust is difficult because it requires us not to lean on our own understanding, to leave the familiar, to give up the comfortable, but it is blessed. 

Another thought I was thinking...what did I think my life would look like if I were to acknowledge him in the way I do every single thing? I know the way I've acted, things I've said, and what I've entertained myself with would all be a little different sometimes. Hard thought...If I couldn't acknowledge God in it, should I be doing it?  To be proactive in this, is constantly evaluating your thoughts, words, and actions...is it honest, trustworthy, noble... As difficult as that may be, I so desire the outcome of this verse. So much more than what my flesh wants.... I WANT Him to make my paths straight! So in 2016, I want to make a more active choice than ever to TRUST in Him with all of my heart and choose not to lean on what I understand. And I want to acknowledge Him in all of my ways, for I desire His straight path for my life.

Well, I'm off to learn how to trust....

Happy pilgrimming!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

May 2016 be the year that Loss = Gain

Happy 2016, my dear friends! 

pray God does something new for you this year that completely blows your mind!  Just know that whatever you go through, He'll make a pathway through that wilderness and river through that wasteland.  I want to challenge all of you that already know Jesus (if you don't know him and would like to learn more about my best friend feel free to contact me) with this question...Are you willing to nail to the cross your hopes, dreams, and purposes for the future so that you can experience God's plans and purposes for your life? Are you willing to kill your own desires to experience Him?  Because, I promise you that His plan is way bigger and better than any human mind can comprehend. May 2016 be the year that I lose my life even more completely so that I can find it infinitely more in Him! (John 16:26)

Happy Pilgrimming!