Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Warning: This is a post of randoms

Wow!  These last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind!  Hence the quiet blog.

This last week I was given a job, so I am now working as a nanny for a wonderful Christian family with three young children.  What a blessing it has been to have such a wonderful job and to be working for such amazing people!  It even works with my extremely busy schedule surprisingly well!  I can't help but give God the credit for orchestrating this for me!  He never ceases to amaze me! 

God is so incredibly good to me, and He provides plenty of reminders all throughout my life!  Why is it then that when He does something for me so out of the ordinary, unexpected, and huge that I act shocked?  Why do I feel overwhelmed by His goodness, as if He just decided to give me a break today.  There is so much love poured into the design of every single detail of our lives, and so many times I fail to notice until He does something spectacular (like this job) and catches my attention.

So, lately, I've been paying special attention to the small things that God has so lovingly blessed me with.  I feel His goodness in a breath of crisp, autumn air.  I see His beauty in the intricately formed pedals of a flower.  I hear His praises in the songs the birds sing.  I taste His creativity in a bite of an apple.  Wow!  He really is everwhere filling the world with His brilliancy!  And I am so blessed to be surrounded by His wonderful creation!

This last Thursday was my little brother, Daniel's birthday, and after all the short nights trying to get everything done, it was bound to be an entertaining day due to my non-brilliancy.  When I am low on sleep, I can't even count apparently.  He was turning eleven, and I put twelve candles on his cake . . . one of them I even placed upside down.  Who does this?  What an elementary mistake!  I played it off saying, "Due to your maturity level, I have given you an extra candle, and it's especially a privilege to have an upside down candle. . . ."  At least I saved my parents some money by relieving them of the necessity to hire a clown.

The other day my mom found a pack of graham crackers in the cabinet with the dishes. . . . I was immediately blamed by my brother for storing them in such an odd spot, and I was quick to accept the blame, because that just sounds like me!  Two days later, the graham crackers were found in the fridge.  Yep, I probably did that too.  What's my problem with graham crackers, and am I the only person that does stuff like this? 

I'm now on my way out of town to go to a conference at MorningStar Ministries.  It always feels like a family reunion, even though people from all over the world are there.  So incredibly excited to get there!


Happy Pilgrimming!

With love,


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All you need . . .

 This is kind of what I feel like this week . . .
Sometimes all it takes to put a smile on my face is a cup of coffee . . . a cup of strongly brewed black coffee.  And on weeks like this, it's one of the things that keep me going.  Not because of caffeine, that doesn't really work for me unfortunately, but because of the pleasure it gives me as I go throughout my day. How do you like your coffee?  White?  Black?  Barely sweet?  Loaded with sugar?  Leave me a comment and let me know!   

May God  bless all of you above and beyond your wildest expectations, and may He fill your life with love and  . . . . more coffee! (If, of course, you love it anywhere near as much as I do.)  

Happy pilgrimming!

With love,


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Children, Skits, Kitchens, Coffee, and Air Soft!

Happy Sunny-Day!

     Wasn't today beautiful?  The brilliance of the sun, the perfectly spaced clouds, the lovely shade of blue cast across the sky, the refreshing breeze tousling through my hair, and the temperature being just right made today quite enjoyable indeed!  It was one of those days that make you want to say, "Jesus, You are such a brilliant Creator!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You're amazing!"  And you don't care who hears you.

     At our church, I work in the children's department once a month, and this was mine and my mom's Sunday.  Our church just moved to a bigger location, so we are in the process of adjusting to our new facility.  Needless to say, today was crazy!  All of the kids wanted candy, had to go to the bathroom at practically the same time, decided paying attention to the children's pastor was way overrated, and laying on the dirty floor instead of sitting in a chair is totally awesome.  Did I mention we had no sound system?  But, somehow I was still so blessed to work with the kids this morning!  Yeah, I may be what you call brainwashed.

     I got to help a group of kids put together a skit this morning.  It had to go along with the lesson,  be a couple of minutes long, and . . . oh yeah! . . . We had five minutes to put the whole together before performing it for rest of the kids!  Yikes!  But I've got to say, all they needed was a little direction, and they basically came up with ideas themselves (emphasis on ideas instead of idea.  All six of them had more than one individual idea.  That's where most of the direction came in.  Try incorporating six little people's ideas into one skit!  Fun! . . . No. Really!  It was a blast!) and all I had to do was direct!  I'm so proud of them!  Their acting skills blew me out of the water and made my job so totally awesome!

     This afternoon, I got the urge, the insane craving, the deep yearning, the longing (you get the picture.  We're talking a pretty strong desire here.) to (insert awesome drum roll here) clean deep-clean the kitchen.  I'm not going to re-type that just to convince you you were reading correctly.  Just believe, my friend.  I was pretty excited!  (If you're reading this, Christiana, just know this is all your fault.)  This moment of insanity was spawned by my recent start of reading a blog recommended to me by a friend called  I went to the "Where to Begin" page and clicked on "Step One".  I was so inspired that I had to get started right away!  I couldn't wait!  So . . . . I took a couple of hours and deep-cleaned the kitchen . . . And loved every minute of it!  (Thanks, Christiana! :)

A Bowl Full of Lemons
Check it out!

     Today, I drank four cups of coffee.  I like it black.  No sugar. No cream.  Just straight from the coffee pot and into my mug.  Oh yeah, and strong.  I love strong, black, unadulterated coffee, and I usually feel a pity party coming on when the cup is empty.  Guys, I may or may not have a problem.  Pray for me.  Just kidding!  I usually just have one cup in the morning and then I exercise restraint just fine.

     To top of my day, I played air soft with my little brother, Daniel.  I lost, but what a blast!  I will say this though . . . Who ever thought that air was soft, was wrong.  It doesn't really hurt that badly, but it can't possibly be called soft, and "air" is not the word I have in my head for a description either.  More like "Shootable Finger-Flick".

Now I'm listening to the soothing chorus of crickets, and my bed is calling me.

May God  bless all of you above and beyond your wildest expectations!  Happy pilgrimming!

With love,



Saturday, September 7, 2013


Good morning!  So, it's 5:30 in the morning . . . on a Saturday  I can't sleep any longer, so I thought why not take this time, when the house is quiet, and all is peaceful in this beautiful world just outside my bedroom window that God created to launch my personal blog.  I mean perfectly and completely still here, the birds haven't even started their melodic praises to the Father yet.

I find morning the most beautiful time of day, the time of day most blessed with inspiration.  Think about it . . . Everything's about to start over, with new opportunities following the rising sun.  Opportunities to love others, opportunities to be a blessing, opportunities to shine God's light wherever you go, and opportunities to live life without regrets.  The list could go on, but I will choose to exercise restraint and not to overwhelm you (too much) with my annoying morning person optimism.  You're welcome.

Okay . . . . I'm sorry . . . . I can't help it!  Here I shall go again.  You guys caught me in an extremely inspired mood! 

I love mornings . . .

 For the the lovely stillness in which God's presence seems to be intensified and His voice so much easier to hear.  I guess this is because your fast-paced lifestyle, overly-packed schedule, the weight of the day's mistakes, and all of life's other crazy distractions haven't even had the chance to cloud my connection between me and my best friend yet.  Of course, that's my fault though.  I let those things get in the way, and I know I shouldn't.

Because, I feel the warmth of His loving smile as the sun peeks over the tree tops and the dewy light that lasts but a few moments refreshes my soul, preparing me for yet a another gift of a day.  A gift that I must actively choose to give back to the Giver to use for His purposes . . .and actively re-choosing this throughout the day.  You guys know me, I'm probably one of the most scatter-brained people you'll ever meet and getting distracted is one of the most common occurrences of all time for me.  So, focusing my every moment to the purpose of serving God in even the most minute actions of my day is a struggle.

Because everything from the day before has passed, all mistakes have been forgotten except for the lessons learned from them, and every sin completely and totally forgiven by a most gracious, kind, and loving heavenly Father.  I get to start over.  I've been refreshed by a night spent resting in the arms of God, having been rocked to sleep by angels.   I am ready for another day in my pilgrimage, another task, another mission.

For it offers me new opportunities with the coming day.  Opportunities to shine God's love with a smile to a stranger, with a "How are you?" to a friend, or with a hug to your little brother.  Each day offers all kinds of opportunity to show love to God by sharing His love with others. 
Side note:  I feel like I just repeated myself from somewhere earlier in this post, but oh well!  I warned you about my scatterbrainedness . . . "scatterbrainedness" is not a word . . . I know this . . . but it serves the purpose, so I'm sticking with it!  Perhaps putting hyphens in between would make it more proper.  Scatter-brained-ness.  Nope.  Never mind.  I think that's actually worse, so I'll just stick with my prior grammar sin.

 Well, the light of dawn is beginning to seep through my window, and the warm glow of the emerging sun is issuing an invitation.  An invitation to receive the gift of a day from the King, with it coming a call to royalty.  I choose to accept.  Will you?

I'm going to go put on a pot of coffee. . . . I wish so badly you could join me.  I want you to know that you are in my prayers, dear friend, and that I think of you often.  May your day be blessed above and beyond your wildest expectations, and may the opportunities God offers you this morning and throughout the day take you on an adventure you'll never regret.

If you want, you can leave me a comment below.  I'd love to hear from you! 

Happy pilgrimming! (Wow!  Second made-up word of the day!  What am I trying to do?  Go for some sort of record?)

With love,


P.S. -- Don't mind the time stamp below.  It's messed-up majorly, but I'll get it fixed!