About Me

Hi!  I am Destiny!
A Wife and Homemaker
A Blogger
An Entrepreneur

Passionate about Jesus,
... and really anything that has to do with the kitchen

This blog is my space for sharing my recipes, random life hacks, travel, things that catch me inspired and I have to share or I will burst, and possibly an occasional rant.....you never know...but you're going to want to stay tuned!

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Anywhere from a morning devotion, workout routine, a live baking session, and a hike up a random mountain may be found here, but I promise this life is never boring....also, I feel I should warn you...I have very cute rescue cats.

PINTEREST:  https://www.pinterest.com/highdestination/
I find so much of my inspiration on Pinterest.  It's my way of not recreating the wheel....there are so many tips and pointers for life that others with more time have time to figure out for me.  It is a major blessing in my life.  It's where I find my recipes, organization tips, decor inspiration, etc....


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