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RECIPE: Southwest Quinoa Salad - Shortcut Edition

Hi friends,

During this time of quarantine, even I am cooking more meals than I usually do.  Cooking is most definitely my love language....but even I get worn out on it.  So, if I discover a short cut to making a fan favorite recipe of mine, I am most definitely going to share it!

If you have a Lidl grocery store nearby, then this recipe is for you!  That is where I get most of my groceries from for I can get a lot better products for a whole lot less.  I am all about stretching that dollar so that we can eat better food.  Everything except for the quinoa came from there because I already had some on hand.  The main thing that makes this a shortcut recipe is the freshly made black bean and corn salsa from Lidl's cooler section.  You can find it near the hummus.  It has everything that you need so that all you have to chop is the kale...which I also get from Lidl's produce area.

SOUTHWESTERN QUINOA SALAD - Shortcut Edition Prepared in advance before making the salad (I recomme…

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