Labor Day Journaling Challenge

Hello lovelies,

So, it is Labor Day and I decided to steal a journaling challenge from @she.well, so here we go...

List out...
- Your ideal weekday morning routine...
When I am able to live my best life, my morning routine is meditation in the Word to see what God has for me to fuel my day and a cup of coffee.  Preferably this is all before I even leave my bedroom.  Then I make a healthy breakfast and make a quick list to structure my day. 
- Something new you want to learn...
I most definitely want to learn more DIY home remodeling skills.  We bought a home knowing we were going to be making adjustments to better the living space throughout our time living here.  All of it with the mindset that we are bettering it to enjoy living here even more, not just to increase the home value.  I am not going to lie, we have done A LOT, but I have so many things on the wishlist that I am going to need to do myself that I don't know how.  If anyone has any tips for tearing out an old deck and making a patio on a budget...send them my way! 
- A mantra you can "post-it" to your workspace...
My naturally tendency is to perform perfectly at all times, but sometimes I hit hiccups....which automatically sends me into negative self-talk that I should be better at what I am doing.  This is not okay.  So, when I read the following quote from Bob Ross, it immediately became a sticky note reminder in front of my desk.  

                "As long as you are learning, you are not failing." Bob Ross 

- 3 major career icons...I am going to instead go with people that I am currently learning from in my space.  
Christy Wright...her podcast, "The Christy Wright Show" is pure gold and I can not recommend it highly enough if you are anything like me.  She is relatable, encouraging, very constructive, and is amazing at what she does.

There are others, but if I can leave you with one...check her out.  

- 5 ways to "disconnect" from work... 

When disconnecting from work, my go to is usally one of two things.... 

One: Cooking...I tend to stress cook, but I always feel better afterward.  Chopping is especially therapeutic.  Plus, it turns into dinner!  

Two: Doing anything outdoors to get some fresh air and exhilariation.  Bonus points if I can get my husband to join me.  


Here is the challenge all condensed for you if you would like to steal it too! 

List out...
- Your ideal weekday morning routine
- Something new you want to learn (think meditation, eating for mental health, astrology)
- A mantra you can "post-it" to your workspace
- 3 major career icons
- 5 ways to "disconnect" from work  (ex. taking the scenic route home, a salt bath, reading)

Happy pilgrimming friends!   




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