DIY Cold Brew Coffee

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!

Coffee is my all time favorite pick me up, but lately it has been so hot....too hot for coffee...even for me!  Let's face without coffee just isn't all that is meant to be...I like to call it my fuel for my mission.  So, I decided to give making my own cold brew a go last week, and now I am obsessed...and wired...and I would like to think, more productive than ever.  You want to know what the best part about it is?  Not only is it a way to have your coffee cold while maintaining a rich strong flavor...It extracts more caffeine out of the coffee beans!  That's right it takes coffee and elevates it to it's strongest potential.  For those of you that that doesn't excite....Of course you can always make it decaf.  It is still the best way to have cold coffee.

Here's how you too can make this heavenly fuel without having to buy a special pitcher:


Prep time: 15 minutes
Total time:  12 plus hours 

2 - large pitchers
1 - clean bandanna
1 - colander/ strainer 
1 - rubber spatula
4 - cups of coarsely ground coffee of your choice.  I recommend dark/ medium roast to get the stronger flavor.    
1 - towel for work space
1 - shower cap/plastic bowl cover if pitcher does not have lid


Phase One

  1. Set grinder to "Coarse/French Press" and grind 1 cup coffee beans per quart of coffee that you would like to make.  (Note: I always make a gallon...which has yet to last us a week)
  2. Pour ground coffee into one of the pitchers.
  3. Pour 1 quart of cold water for every cup of ground coffee.
  4. Cover and let sit for 12+ hours.  This step is best to have happening overnight so that the waiting is easier on you.  
Once the waiting is over move on to Phase two.....

Phase Two
  1. Set strainer over other pitcher or a bowl would do and line with clean bandanna. 
  2. Uncover pitcher of coffee and pour through the strainer in intervals as to not spill.  
  3. Once all coffee is poured through, take the bandanna and squeeze coffee out of the grounds.  
  4. Store in a pitcher with lid and place into the fridge.  Cold brew can stay fresh for up to two weeks if stored properly.  
  5. Pour yourself a cup and fix to your taste!  
Note:  My favorite way to fix it up is with a tablespoon whole cream, one teaspoon sugar, and a splash of vanilla extract. 

Video tutorial is on it's way!  If you are a visual person like me, it should help you out.  

I hope this serves as a wonderful mid week pick me up!  Just think...this time tomorrow you could be sipping on your very own cold brew!

Happy Pilgrimming!



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