2019 & Good Habits

Hello Friends,

As we enter 2019, I wanted to do something a little different from just writing down goals.  Although goals are good, there are some habits that I have that keeps me from attaining them.  So, I thought I would start by breaking some of these habits and putting some new practices into place.  Therefore, my word of the year for 2019 is actually two words:

Keeping House
Word Choices
Working Out
.....and so much more!

Life didn't seem to matter as much to me as it does now.  I used to be consumed with work, come and go as opportunities arose, and lived by the seat of my pants.  Becoming a wife changes everything.  Suddenly, things matter that I noticed before but put on a "deal with later" list.  It's not about just me anymore but about being a help meet to my husband.  Neither one of us have been living up to the standards that we thought we had for ourselves, and we realized it is time to set some good habits into place as we continue to build a beautiful home together.  God has such an incredibly amazing vision for us, and I am no longer okay with settling for the sub par.   

  • First step is what we eat......After the holidays and crazy schedule, I couldn't think of a better place to start than by cleaning up what we put in our body to bring us to our optimal health!  When you are eating healthy, you feel powerful!  It seemed like just the ticket to equip us with the energy to conquer the rest of the habits we needed to add.  Tough decision made, and the start of the Whole30 program it was for us!  It was less about a diet and more about cleansing our bodies from what we eat.  It is a lifestyle change!  I was able to find a way to meal prep while working full time, do it on a budget, and make food that my husband enjoyed!  I'll share more details on that in my next post, so stay tuned!

  • Next was organization!  I was starting to feel like a failing wife with the way our house had run away from being ran.  Day after day walking into a house with clutter in what seemed like every possible room was driving me crazy and slipped me deeper into a sense of defeat.  These feelings only made problems worse, for clutter attracts clutter....and feeling defeated?  It makes you feel too tired to make a change.  I'll share this week about my trip to Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Amazon to equip myself with the necessary tools that I love and my husband can tolerate.

  • Getting into better shape is always a goal for me...and I get made fun of every time I mention it.  You see...I am 5'10" and I wear a size 2, that's with gaining weight, so people have this idea that I am never the person that should grace a gym or eat a healthy diet.  I can eat just about whatever I want and lose weight pretty easily, but that is not the key to my best life.  Eating bad food and not exercising has terrible repercussions for anyone!  I get winded, I feel tired most of the time, and I can't lift what I feel like I should be able to.  To get stronger, a workout routine was going to be necessary in my life....plus it gets those toxins worked out that I have been releasing from my system through detoxing my diet even sooner!  Also, when you take someone with you, it is much more fun!  So, Monday and Wednesday night trips to the gym with my brother have become a thing.  I can not tell you how much of an improvement two weeks worth has already made.....

  • Sleeping more...but on a regular schedule.  I want to be that morning person I used to be and catch that rest before the clock hits 12...but there is so much to do all of the time.  I feel this one is going to be the trickiest for me to tackle.  It is going to take making a deliberate decision to leave something undone until in the morning...or having a little less free time.  I'll let you know how this one goes.  I suppose I should go get started now!

Setting up good habits is a steep challenge, but having a husband means having an accountability partner and a team mate along your side.  I think I might actually be set up for success this time!  I am beyond excited for 2019 has to experience!  I hope that you all enjoy reading about my journey through it.  Y'all are amazing!  Remember that...

Happy Pilgrimming!




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