An Update in the Life of Destiny

Hi friends!

Remember me?  I know it's been a million years since I posted, but it is better late than never.  I've had a lot of posts in the works and I wanted to wait to post them after I had given a quick update into all of the beautiful amazing things that have been happening in my life.  I love bullet points, so I decided to go with that style for today and for efficiency purposes since it has been quite the year.....well, years technically....I think the last time that I posted was in 2016.......

If you've been reader of mine, you know the drill.....grab your cup of coffee if you don't have it already...make it iced if you want; because, even I wouldn't blame you.  It's August, and it's hot.....and GO!

  • In May of  2016, I moved to North Carolina from the beautiful state of Georgia, the one I was born and raised in, steeped and engraved by.  It's a long story on how I got here that I will dive into in a future post, but God's hand was in every bit of it.
  •  Kept on working in food service except as a human resources director this time.
  • Fill in the rest of the year with more working than ever before, the occasional escape to hike a mountain or kayak the waters.....and more working.  It was kind of a problem...that's why I realized I needed a life.
  • My mother had seen an auditions poster for a dinner theatre called Narroway Productions, and she decided it was time to intervene with my current work consumed lifestyle.  Therefore, to auditions I went.  She had no idea that I would meet my future husband there; as he was already a cast member.  I walked into a dance partnership to last my lifetime.

I'm going to pause for a moment and say this is when life really sped up.....okay, un-pause......
  • By mid November, I had eventually resigned from my current job in food service and before long was on staff with the Broadway of Christian Entertainment.
  • In January, Benjamin proposed and I accepted.  The speed of which that came shocked some, but surprised none.  We were made for each other, and if I'm being honest it took three months longer than I thought he would.  
  • By March/April, my fiance bought a house that needed some renovation, so we started on that together.  That was a great growing experience!  Of course, we could not have done it all without our dear friend, Tim.  He is one fantastic contractor and I would recommend him to anyone in the Carolinas.
  • June, my family moved from one Carolina to another, so of course we went ahead and moved all that I had had in my apartment into the in progress house of my fiance. Then, I just lived out of a suitcase for a while....all while planning my own wedding.  
  • Y'all, I GOT MARRIED on the seventh day, of the seventh month, in the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen!!!!!  We honeymooned in Alaska, I ended up in the hospital for over a week after getting back, plumbing problems at the house, and a ton of doctors appointments ensued.  July was most definitely a whirlwind of a month and one that should have shook the boots of both of us.  Let me tell you though, when God is the one behind the wheel, He can pull you through some tough stuff and all you can feel is blessed. 
  • Come August, we are finally able to start settling in for real into our new home together.  Nesting may be my new favorite hobby!  It has been so gratifying to set up life with my incredible cook for do laundry for clean for find he secretly observed how you make coffee so that he can take over and get it made before you even wake up.  Marriage is an awesome invention...just saying! :)

That's the quick version of an update for you all!  Don't go too far!  My next post is coming up pretty quick.....and coming on September 17th, we have a cover reveal!!!!  Plus, new blog design is in the works. 
Pretty exciting stuff!

Happy Pilgrimming!



  1. I love yours and Ben's story. You two were definitely made for each other. :) Y'all just need to come visit. ;)


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