May 2016 be the year that Loss = Gain

Happy 2016, my dear friends! 

pray God does something new for you this year that completely blows your mind!  Just know that whatever you go through, He'll make a pathway through that wilderness and river through that wasteland.  I want to challenge all of you that already know Jesus (if you don't know him and would like to learn more about my best friend feel free to contact me) with this question...Are you willing to nail to the cross your hopes, dreams, and purposes for the future so that you can experience God's plans and purposes for your life? Are you willing to kill your own desires to experience Him?  Because, I promise you that His plan is way bigger and better than any human mind can comprehend. May 2016 be the year that I lose my life even more completely so that I can find it infinitely more in Him! (John 16:26)

Happy Pilgrimming! 



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