The To Do List...& Happy National Coffee Day!

Lists are some of my best friends! 

It's my way of organizing my life...  My way of keeping track of what I'm suppose to be doing, suppose to be learning, suppose to be crossing off.  Without them, I kind of feel lost and like I didn't accomplish a thing...Not that I didn't, but I don't have anything to show what I got knocked out.  Plus you have that panic like you forgot something when you don't have a list!  Like this......

So, I'll make lists of anything and everything from quick little ideas, simple step by step processes, to "hey, you, get this done ASAP" stuff.  And crossing things off those lists is invigorating...and slightly addictive!  I mean...who doesn't want to be successful in accomplishing your goals for the day?  I'll even write something down that I just did for the pure pleasure of crossing it off!

Then some days....your list is bigger than your time in the day!  Today is one of those days and I pray God gives me grace to make it through my list today! 

But right now is my coffee break...

And it so happens today is...
And you all knowing my love for coffee...know that a post commemorating such a day must be written!  It's on my "to-do" list!  Plus it's healthy for you!
Ok...I'm done with the silly pictures..and it's back to my to do list for me!

Happy National Coffee Day! And if you should prefer tea, then may God have mercy on your soul.....kidding 


Happy pilgrimming!



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