Odd Heartburn Remedies

Hi there Friends,

I have officially reached the stage of pregnancy where heartburn is a very real struggle.  I am officially past 36 weeks, so I am grateful that I haven't had to deal with it until now.  Changing my diet didn't help, and things I have done in the past didn't do a single thing to help.  Tums are a big no while pregnant and following the Bradley Method, so I reached out to my circle for recommendations to find some relief.  Some of the remedies shared with me were so simple and worked like a charm!  Here are the four that I have tried and liked the best.  

  • Aloe Vera Juice 
  • Baking Soda
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • Papaya Enzymes
Aloe vera juice and baking soda have been the fastest acting and have enabled me to eat spicy foods and drink my coffee without fear again.  I was so miserable that I was losing sleep and having the worst time even wanting to eat anything at all.  

I actually found an aloe vera juice drink that made drinking it so much more bearable than mom would give it to me as a kid/teen.  You can find it HERE.  A few sips of this and I am set to go!  One bottle can last a few servings when just being used to treat symptoms.  

Baking Soda was a trippy one for me, but it really works!  My chiropractor suggested it and told me to mix a teaspoon or so with a couple ounces of warm water and swig it down.  This treatment took effect immediately, even faster than the aloe vera juice.  I had a hard time with the taste, but if you follow it with some water, tea, etc., the taste is resolved quickly. 

Just taking a shot of apple cider vinegar is pretty straightforward.  I don't mind the taste at all, but I know some that can't even hear the words without gagging.  Sometimes I take a swig in the morning as a preventative, but I feel the two other methods already mentioned are my preference.

Papaya enzymes take a little more patience to get relief, but there is something to be said about their portability.  I keep a tiny container of them in my purse...something I can not do well with the liquid remedies.  Being able to take them easily while at a restaurant, on the hiking trail, or riding around in your car has made these a lifesaver.  

I have also taken some preventative measures to avoid having as many situations arise where I have to use the above remedies.  I have upped my probiotic intake and added calcium back into my end-of-day supplements.  Adding in some plant-based yogurt for snack times also has made for a fun treat to ward off heartburn.  Doing a medication-free pregnancy is complicated, but so worth it.  I feel you think differently when you can not just pop an over-the-counter pill in reaction to a problem that arises, and the results of that thinking leads to prevention and actual resolutions instead.  I know that the way I will be approaching things like this for the rest of my life has been affected by the learning journey I have gone through in my pregnancy.  There are so many things that I wished that I had known that would have saved me a world of struggle most of my life.   

I hope this helps someone out there!  

Happy Pilgrimming!



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